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Aristos Fish Cooking

Episode: 4
Broadcast: 3rd July 2015
Presenter: Aristos

Aristos cooks up a ripper snapper dish with home made tartar sauce by the Swan River.

Snapper Beer Battered

- 800g pink snapper
- 60g plain flour
- 60g self-raising flour (further 50g for dusting)
- Pinch salt
- Splash of beer

1) Mix flours, salt and add water, a little at a time until a thick batter. Add beer and stir well, if batter is too thick, add additional water or beer or if batter is too runny, add a little more of either flour.
2) Try to make batter consistency a touch runnier than a pancake mixture. For even crispier batter, make the day before.
3) Cover the bottom of a non-stick fry pan with cooking oil (olive or rice or canola or vegetable) and heat to approximately ¾ of maximum temperature.
4) With one hand, hold battered snapper fillets with thumb, index & for finger, pull the fillet through with thumb and forefinger (lightly closed together) of the other hand. This will remove any excess batter.
5) Lay fillets in hot pan and leave to cook without touching for a few minutes. Turn fillets using two forks, one to lift & turn the fillet, the other to catch & lay the fillet.
6) When batter is golden brown on both sides, remove fillets and place on paper towel before serving, this will help absorb any excess cooking oil.

Tartar Sauce

- 150g whole egg mayonnaise
- 50g sweet gherkins (splash of juice)
- 50g capers (splash of juice)
- 1 brown onion
- 25g anchovies
- Sprig of parsley
- Juice of ½ lemon
- Salt and pepper to taste

1) Coarsely blend/chop all ingredients except mayonnaise.
2) Add blended mixture to mayonnaise and stir well.

Greek Style Potato Salad

- 4 Average size potatoes, boiled and each cut into 6-8 cubes.
- ½ Spanish onion thinly sliced.
- 12 Kalamata olives
- 2 Hard-boiled eggs, quartered.
- 10 Cubes of feta cheese
- Cracked black pepper & salt to taste
- Extra virgin olive oil

1) Mix all ingredients, leaving boiled eggs until last.
2) Arrange eggs evenly on top of the salad.
3) Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. (A touch of malt vinegar can be added if required