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The Perfect Steak (Recipe)

Episode: 9
Broadcast: 15th August 2015
Presenter: Don Hancey

Everybody cooks a steak differently; Don reveals his secret on how to make the perfect steak.

Don Hancey’s Perfect Steak:

- Steak (Of your choosing)
- Olive Oil
- Salt & Pepper
- Red wine
- Cream
- Mushrooms (Your choice)
- Peppercorns
- Parsley

1) Lay out your steaks on a plate and drizzle them slightly with a bit of olive oil, preseason with salt & pepper, flip over your steaks and repeat the same process.
2) Place two plans on the stove, one on medium hot and the other to be left for after, when your pan is at medium hot, drizzle a little bit of olive oil on the pan and place your steaks on the pan.
3) Cook for 1.5 – 2 minutes on each side depending on the steak’s thickness.
4) Once your steaks are cooked, place them on the other pan and let them rest.
5) Use your red wine to deglaze your medium hot pan, pour in a small bowl of cream into the pan, followed by your mushrooms and finally sprinkle some peppercorns over your mushrooms.
6) Let it cook until the mushrooms and cream become a rich, golden brown colour, add some parsley on top.
7) Place your steaks on a plate, pour your mushroom and peppercorn sauce from the medium pan on top of your steaks.
8) Place a few parsleys on top and enjoy!