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Episode: 11
Broadcast: 29th August 2015
Presenter: Scott Taylor

If you really want to know what WA tastes like then Millbrook is it. Scott shows you the place where nature just jumps onto the plate.

  • Millbrook Winery & Restaurant was established 20 years ago, situated upon the picturesque Chestnut Farm.
  • Guy Jeffreys , the head chef and gardener undertakes a comprehensive program of seed saving each year to ensure sufficient supply for the following year.   
  • Guy focuses on creating dishes using the best of his seasonal produce, plus meat, seafood and other ingredients from like-minded local suppliers.  He describes his style of cooking as “modern country food that reflects its place of origin and the time of year”.
  • The Millbrook site was carefully selected for its similarity in climate, altitude and soil type to the northern Rhône Valley in France.  As a result the winery focuses on the Rhône varieties of Viognier and Shiraz (aka Syrah). Interestingly the two varieties ripen at the same time and are therefore picked on the same day and co-fermented (put in the same fermenter so that the two varieties ferment as one).
  • The fruit is allowed to ferment using wild yeasts that occur naturally on the skin of the grapes (rather than cultivated yeasts) and in whole bunches, rather than separating the berries from the stems.  However one aspect of winemaking at Millbrook is very “hands-on” - all vine pruning and grape picking is done by hand, rather than by machine, to preserve the quality of the fruit.
  • The winery is also built on a steep hillside and gravity is used to move wine from one process to another, without the use of pumps, preserving the quality of the wine and saving energy.
  • Millbrook is a scenic location, beautifully landscaped and set in a secluded valley surrounded by native Jarrah forest.  It is a popular spot for marriage proposals and also hosts numerous weddings and other events. 

Contact: (+61 8) 9525 5796