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Bookara Haloumi Cheese

Episode: 11
Broadcast: 29th August 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The Mid-West can claim fame to some amazing produce, but I’m not sure you’d add dairy to that list. Bookara Goat Dairy is about to change that though.

  • Mark Weston recognized the regions potential as a goat producer and has been selling goats milk and cheese products at leading farmers markets since 2012.
  • Goats are hardy and can stand up to Western Australia’s warm, dry conditions, where as cows can be a bit harder to maintain.
  • The goats are fed local produce and local lupins grown from the sand plains located near the farm, providing excellent protein and energy for the goats.
  • With healthy and happy goats, the milk produced is healthy and arguably tastier. The milk doesn’t travel far as the cheese producing room is only next door to the milking station.
  • You can find Bookara’s products at some of your favorite local farmer’s markets such as; Geraldton, Stirling, Manning, South Fremantle and