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Manjimup Marron with Foraged Salad

Episode: Our State on a Plate Royal Show Special
Broadcast: 27th September 2015
Presenter: Kiren Mainwaring

Kiren’s Manjimup Marron with Foraged Salad:


  • Three-cornered Garlic
  • Wild Bamboo
  • Nasturtium
  • Manjimup Marron
  • Thorny Lettuce
  • Kakadu Plums
  • Reduced Pork Fat with Geraldton Wax Flower

1) Start with the bamboo by getting rid of the outer leaves and place them on the charcoal.
2) Split the marron in half and place it shell down on the charcoal.
3) Cut a bit of the top off from the three-cornered garlic but keep the edible flowers. Place the remaining stalk on the charcoal as well.
4) Take the root off from the thorny lettuce. Cut the kakadu plums on either sides as there is a stone in the center.
5) Render some pork fat with some Geraldton wax flowers to give the dish some enrichment and add some vinegar. Stir well to create a warm vinaigrette.  
6) Place the thorny lettuce and the nasturtium leaves first on the plate. Pop some nasturtium flowers and the three-cornered garlic flowers on the plate as well. Cut the garlic stem and add that on to the plate. Place the charred onion together with the salad.
 7) Finish by putting the roasted marron on top of the salad and drizzle the pork fat vinaigrette on top of it. Garnish with the sliced kakadu plums. Serve up and enjoy!