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Cultural diversity in Perth City

Episode 1

Story – Cultural diversity in Perth City.
Presenter – Russel Blaike

Perth’s vibrant cultural diversity is reflected in its cuisine, and Russell explores the city visiting some unique locations to show you how.

  • With 78 Nationalities loving in Perth city alone, you’ll see that the diversity of food on offer in the city truly reflects this.
  • In Perth you are spoilt for choice, with more restaurants per capita than any other city in Australia. Many of which have been awarded for their food excellence.
  • Hifumiya is a traditional Japanese Bukake noodle restaurant located at shop 2 ground level/100-104 Murray St, Perth.
  • The idea be behind Hifumiya hails from Okayama city, Japan. The Bukake style noodles served here are carefully made in house by chef Daisuke Hiramatsu.
  • For a more home-style Greek cuisine, Yefsi serves traditional at 279 Newcastle St, Northbridge and is located at the base of the Atika Hotel.
  • The menu at Yefsi is centred around the Greek style of “Mezze” eating, meaning to be shared and the food her transports you to Greece and is all made on site and from Traditional Family recipes.
  • You must try Yefsi’s Pancakes, they are just delicious!
  • If you wish to travel to Morocco try Hadiqa, which is Arabic for garden. It is a modern, Moroccan fusion style restaurant located at Hibernian Place Top Floor, 40 Irwin Street (Cnr Hay Street and, Irwin St, Perth).
  • Exotic and intriguing flavour’s await weather you’re in the restaurant or rooftop bar, a great option here is to try the ‘Diffa’ which is the Mother of all feasts and let the Chef take you on a tour of Morocco and the Middle East.

Get out and explore Perth City and let her flavours transport you around the world.
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