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Fact vs. Fiction: Is red meat good or bad?

Story: Fact vs. Fiction: Is red meat good or bad?
Airdate: Ep 5, 26 May 2019
Presenter: Dr. Shy Vishnumohan

For most Aussies, every evening meal will include a large portion of meat. Have you ever wondered if too much red meat could be harming your health? Dr. Shy serves up some advice about red meat.

  • Red meat is highly nutritious, giving our body and mind energy to work through the day.
  • Most red meat provides us with protein, fats, iron, zinc and B vitamins!
  • But like most foods, it’s all about moderation! If you’re eating meat 3 times daily, you might want to look into cutting down your meat consumption.
  • Processed red meat, such as ham and bacon, should be reduced to the occasional meal, such as Sunday morning breakfast!
  • When eating red meat, Dr. Shy recommends filling half your plate with non-starchy vegetables, one quarter of your plate with red meat approximately the size of your palm and the other quarter of your plate with good quality carbs.
  • Like Dr Shy says, it’s not about good vs bad, it’s about the quality and quantity. Think veg with meat, not meat with veg!