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Story: ZeezBeez
Airdate: Ep 6, 2 June 2019
Presenter: Peter Manifis

Have anything you want to tick off your bucket list? Pete gets his chance when he visits ZeezBeez, a local bee and honey harvester, right here in the Perth Hills.

  • Bees play a large role not only in our food, but in our ecosystems and in Roleystone, ZeezBeez take extra care, harvesting these precious creatures.
  • Starting as a hobby with one hive in her front yard, Sharon of ZeesBeez has over 200 hives all over the state.
  • On average their hives produce 35-35 tonnes of honey per year!
  • This is all done mindfully and sustainably through hand extraction and cold-pressing the honey. That means every jar of honey has been ethically made, just for you.
  • Sharon also shares her skills, knowledge, and love of bees through running workshops on the art of beekeeping. You can get up close and personal with her bees (don’t worry, she provides the outfit!), learning all about her process and how you might start your own hive at home!
  • Did you know that they use a little bit of smoke when taking the bees out of the hive, just to calm them down a little bit?
  • They have the worker bees, both male and female, and the single queen bee who can live up to 5 years!
  • The bees honey making process is an incredible evolutionary process that has multiple stages and requires time and care. It takes 6 weeks to fill one box full of harvestable honey!
  • The boxes are then taken back to the workshop and hand-extracted into their delicious raw honey. It takes two of those boxes to fill one of their jars of honey. Each jar is packed with ZeezBeez passion and love for their work!
  • You can purchase ZeezBeez at your local independent grocers, markets or online at their website: