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Ocean and Paddock

Story: Ocean and Paddock
Airdate: Ep 7, 9 June 2019
Presenter: Peter Manifis

Looking for the best Fish n Chips in WA? Look no further than Ocean and Paddock in Albany. Peter heads down to hear about what makes them so great!

  • Ocean and Paddock has been named best Fish and Chips in WA for the past couple years and we can see why!
  • This family run restaurant is a must-stop if you’re headed to Albany.
  • Ocean and Paddock prides itself on using premium WA produce, ensuring top quality in every dish.
  • Why Albany? Chef Trenton says they travelled up and down the state looking for the best seafood and best produce and Albany was the top of the list.
  • They have great relationships with all their local produces, only serving the best in-season seafood and produce. They don’t have a standard menu; instead, they flow with what the local farmers are growing, and fishermen are catching.
  • How do they plan their menu? They look at the region as a whole! If it’s growing and it’s local, they’ll be up for it!
  • They don’t just serve Fish n Chips, they also serve great Mt. Barker Chicken, Truffles from Manjimup, and other dishes! (They cater to vegetarians too!)
  • What makes their fish n chips the best? Fresh local fish, for starts. They also use turmeric in the batter, giving it a natural gold hue and…its good for you! Turmeric is a great antioxidant! Plus, they use Sunflower oil which is the cleanest freshest oil, giving your fish a nice light and crisp batter.
  • As for their chips, they use a nice canola oil blend to give them an amazing crispy texture!
  • Ocean and Paddock suits all your fresh fish fancies. Head on down and have a taste of their daily menu. And while you’re there, have a chat to Trenton and his family, they are always up for good ol’ chin wag!
  • Located at 116 Middleton Road, Middleton Beach and open Wednesday – Sunday, head to their website for more information.