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Garlic, the ultimate flavour bomb

Story: Garlic; the ultimate flavour bomb
Airdate: Ep 7, 9 June 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

You can never have enough garlic, am I right!? Garlic is the key to so many of our favourite dishes and it’s easy to grow in your own home garden. Trevor has the top tip for you and your garlic!

  • Not only is garlic delicious, it’s great for you. It’s excellent for blood health and has antiseptic qualities as well!
  • Want to grow your own? Good news, winter is coming and it’s the best time to plant those bulbs.
  • It’s an easy process, just break up a corm and pull off the segments individually. Just pop those segments right into the soil in a bright sunny spot in any part of the garden.
  • As an alternative to traditional garlic, try Society Garlic. It’s actually a South African variety of garlic chive. It allows you to get strong garlic flavour from a perennial plant that grows year-round.
  • Did you know that Dutch settlers in South Africa named the plant Society Garlic? They felt the floral flavour to society garlic was more sophisticated than traditional garlic!
  • Want to grow society garlic in your own garden? It’s simple! It loves sun, semi-shade and free draining soils and is also a great pest deterrent. Just simply grab a starter plant for your local garden centre and pop on into your garden!
  • Try Swan Valley Herbs, available at a garden centre near you.