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Harvey Beef

Story: Harvey Beef
Airdate: Ep 7, 9 June 2019
Presenter: Peter Manifis

You really can’t beat top quality WA beef! Peter travels down to Albany to meet one of the great Harvey Beef farmers.

  • Did you know Harvey Beef is turning 100 years old this year? One of WA’s best meat producers, they bring a century of quality to their work.
  • Harvey Beef producers are located all over the state, including the rolling hills of the Albany region.
  • Harvey Beef prides itself on their farms being located on pristine farming land. Great for the farmers, great for the cows!
  • The right location is essential to quality and consistency of the product; so is the farmer and Harvey Beef has made this a priority – which really shows.
  • Jarrod has been on his West Albany farm for the past 12 years with his family, breeding around 1000 Angus breed of cow.
  • As a breeder, Jarrod is at the start of the chain, ensuring the best genetics make their way down the line to your kitchen.
  • All part of the process, every day is a challenge in farm life. Between feeding, seeding, spraying, etc. there’s always something to do 365 days a year. Who knew cows don’t celebrate Christmas!?
  • The mild climate of the southwest makes it ideal for growing fresh green grass which the cows love!
  • Pete recommends using a fillet for a nice steak sandwich or a beef carpaccio; a porterhouse nice and crispy with lots of salt and pepper; and the classic scotch fillet is perfect for a medium steak.
  • While Harvey Beef exports internationally, the best cuts get kept for WA!