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Theo & Co Pizzeria

Story: Theo & Co Pizzeria
Airdate: Ep 9, 30 June 2019
Presenter: Theo Kalogeracos

All series long, Theo has given tips and tricks to making the perfect pizza at home. Now we head to his place to see how the pros do it!

  • There are more and more dining options popping up around Perth these days. In fact, there are more restaurants and bars per capita than any other capital city in Australia!
  • Perth people are moving more towards choosing restaurants that use fresh, high quality, local ingredients for their meals out.
  • WA Local Theo has been in the hospitality business since he was 15 so he really knows the ropes. Did you know he started his career as a baker?
  • What’s Theo’s number 1 motto? It’s always about the people; the people you work with and the people you serve.
  • The product, of course, is important but Theo and his team are in the business because they like to look after people, like you.
  • What makes a good meal? Theo says it all starts with the produce. At Theo & Co, they’ve used the same local supplier for 25 years! All of the fresh products they use are sourced locally, including mushrooms from Wanneroo and potatoes from Manjimup.
  • Their key rule is: the less miles food travels, the better!
  • Thinking of going to Theo & Co for your next meal? Theo recommends the Caesar Salad, The Cheesy Bread, Janes Addiction, and the Mad Honey for dessert. Yum!
  • Theo & Co has locations in Leederville and Victoria Park, open every evening!