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Fact vs Fiction: Are Carbs Evil?

Story: Fact vs Fiction: Are Carbs Evil?
Airdate: Ep 9, 30 June 2019
Presenter: Shy Vishnumohan

We all know somebody who raves about how much they’ve lost since cutting out carbs, but are carbs really all evil? Dr Shy dishes up some good insight.

  • There is a lot of talk these days about low carbs and no carbs, but is cutting out carbs good for you?
  • Carbohydrates are premium fuel for your brain and your body!
  • When it comes to carbs, it’s not all about cutting out but about cutting down.
  • In our Western diets we often have too many carbs that are highly processed and refined, which can lead to trouble.
  • These foods, such as donuts, biscuits and carbonated drinks, are not bad for you because of the carbs, but because they have been robbed of nutrients and replaced with extra sugars, salts, and saturated fats.
  • The foods can actually raise your insulin levels, putting you at risk.
  • Instead, try using smart carbs! These are ones that are less refined and minimally processed, such as rice, whole grains, and plant foods.
  • All of these are providers of carbohydrates and found directly alongside fibre!
  • So what happens when you cut out all carbs? You lose your fibre intake too!
  • The amount of carbs you need in your daily diet depends on your age, activity and overall health but Dr Shy’s general recommendation is to limit carbs to half a cup at meals, which equals about a ¼ of your plate.
  • This will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied.