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Young George

Story: Young George
Airdate: Ep 10, 7 July 2019
Presenter: Stuart Laws

Young George broke new boundaries when it implemented a harsh stand on waste by using every part of every ingredient. Stuart chats to head chef Melissa Palinkas about the great work Young George is doing.

  • In Fremantle, you’re spoilt for choice for great restaurants and great food, but if there’s one place you should definitely stop off at: Young George.
  • Melissa has definitely found her niche at Young George, with her inventive and sustainable menus.
  • What’s Melissa’s favourite ingredient of the moment? Shiitake mushrooms. She uses every part of these locally sourced fungi in her delicious dish of buttermilk Wagin chicken with potato cream, shiitake mushrooms and chicken gravy!
  • While most chefs at home and in the kitchen will put the seconds in the bin, Melissa finds unique ways to use the seconds, creating a zero-waste space!
  • Did you know you can use mushroom stalks and dehydrate them to create a mushroom seasoning?
  • Young George is a huge ambassador of fresh, local, and seasonal produce giving you the best of the West.
  • The team at Young George opt to cook with gas because you can control the temperature and it highlights the flavour profiles of their ingredients.
  • Melissa will be featuring at this year’s Great Food and Wine festival, cooking up some of her delicious recipes and talking about how you can go waste-free too!
  • Fresh, local produce, and zero waste: a winning combination! Check out Young George at