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Caves Road Collective

Ep. 10 Fact Sheet

Story: Caves Road Collective
Airdate: Ep. 10, 7 July 2019
Presenter: Theo Kalogeracos

Have you ever wondered how our breweries and wineries in the South West power the hot plates for restaurants and create steam to craft their beers? The answer is gas! Theo heads to Caves Road Collective to find out exactly how important gas is for keeping our South West brewing!

  • The distance from the city and terrain can prove problematic for some businesses operating away from direct gas reserves.
  • Large Kleenheat Gas tanks allow restaurants, wineries and breweries to seamlessly produce their products for locals and visitors
  • Caves Road Collective in Margaret River, produce beers, wine and spirits on site, and offer a delicious array of matching food options from their kitchen
  • The team at Caves Road Collective rely on gas for a number of their practices
  • In their restaurant, they use gas to create their culinary masterpieces
  • Most importantly, they require gas for their steam powered brewing techniques to create their many different beers
  • They use steam powered facilities to boil, keep water hot and for sterility, which forms the basis for their beer making
  • Cave Road Collective offer a wide range of beers including IPA, stout and craft beers
  • They use even more gas in the kitchen than in the brewery!
  • In their restaurant, you’ll find great menu options to pair back with your favourite beer
  • Head Chef, Hayden Vink, believes that beer is easier to pair with food than wine as there are more flavour elements to play with
  • Hayden recommends pairing their Black Brewing Co. Milk Stout to go with their chargrilled hangar steak, charcoal emulsion and pickled pumpkin.
  • Check out their website for more information on opening hours and menus: