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TVo’s Barramundi Canh Chua

Segment: TVo’s Barramundi Canh Chua
Episode: S3E1
Presenter: Peter Manifis
Air Date: 3rd November 2019

3 litres water
150 g tamarind pulp
4 tablespoons fish sauce (whatever suits your taste buds)
3 tablespoons sugar (whatever suits your taste buds)

2 barramundi fillets
2 small tomatoes – chuncky wedges
4 celery stalks – thickly sliced
6 pineapple slices and quarter
6 okra pods sliced diagonally
Rice vermicelli
Fresh chilli – sliced
Herbs: Vietnamese mint or normal mint and coriander
Fried shallots (optional)


  • Place the tamarind pulp in 3-litres of water and boil.
  • While the stock is cooking, prepare the rice vermicelli according to the packet instructions.
  • Once the stock starts to turn a shade of brown, lower the heat and let it simmer for a little bit longer. It should taste sour, the tamarind should be soggy and all the flavour should be in the water.
  • Strain the stick so it’s clean and without the tamarind seeds and gunk. Then cook on medium heat and add fish sauce and sugar.
  • The taste should be sour, sweet and slightly salty. If it’s not sweet enough, don’t worry – the pineapple will sweeten it up more. If you need it to be saltier, add more fish sauce and add lemon juice to make it sourer.
  • Add okra and celery to cook for a while in the stock, then add the pineapple and tomatoes.
  • Add the barramundi fillets and keep boiling on medium heat until the fish is cooked through.
  • Place noodles in bowls and a scoop of stock, making sure you get a variety of ingredients and a chunk of barramundi.
  • Garnish with sliced chilli and herbs, and serve.