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House of Honey

Segment: House of Honey
Episode: S3E1
Presenter: Caroline Taylor
Air Date: 3rd November 2019

Beekeepers are unspoken heroes, undertaking an incredibly difficult job to produce the delicious treat.

  • Beekeeping is a more adventurous job than it may seem, with endless travel, harsh terrain, snake attacks and constant tick extraction.
  • Swan Valley Bee Keepers Rupert & Kim Phillips have been keeping bees since 1987.
  • Throughout the spring and summer months, the bees thrive on the flooded gums, and feed off the yellow sour sop growing through the vines throughout the winter.
  • Beekeepers spend a lot of time on the road following different flower blossoms from season to season. Where the hives are put is determined by what will flower next.
  • WA is known for its active honey – jarrah, red gum and blackbutt. These honeys are sent to a lab in Tasmania, where they are tested for microbial activity.
  • Activated honeys are very popular, with people using their healing properties as a health tonic.
  • Bees need a diverse range of flowers, which is why the beekeepers are consistently moving around.
  • Mead is produced at the House of Honey – customers kept asking for it, as it is a drink often served by beekeepers. The company decided to diversify into producing it, finding it quite enjoyable.