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Foni’s Tipples - Grenache

Story: Foni’s Tipples - Grenache
Episode: 1
Presenter: Foni Pollit
Air Date: 27th September 2020

Award-winning sommelier, Foni Pollitt, shares her favourite food match for the bright red fruity flavours of grenache.

  • In WA, grenache grows really well in the Swan Valley, Frankland River and Geographe regions.
  • Grenache’s taste ranges from red berries to black berries and even blue berries sometimes. When it gets older, you get dried herbs, leather and even orange peel.
  • This wine does really well with any sort of grilled, braised or slow cooked red meat. At Mayfair Lane Pub and Dining Room, pair it with a good old-fashioned pub classic like bangers and mash.
  • Grenache is a great blender and goes really well with shiraz and, but it is also amazing on its own.
  • Foni suggests the best time for drinking it is probably autumn or spring.