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Foni’s Tipples - Chardonnay

Story: Foni’s Tipples - Chardonnay
Episode: 2
Presenter: Foni Pollitt
Air Date: 4th October 2020

If you’re looking for a delicious white wine, you can’t go better than a chardonnay. WA is home to Australia’s best chardonnay.

  • The Gingin clone is known for its citric flint, which you don’t find in wines from over east.
  • A very versatile grape, chardonnay can grow in any climate.
  • If chardonnay was the Queen of all grapes, the Royal Court would be Margaret River, where there is a great balance of fruit and oak.
  • Denmark is known for its tightly structured, lean chardonnays.
  • Pemberton chardonnay is known for its opulence.
  • As chardonnay is such a versatile grape, it mixes well with all white meats and anything from the sea.
  • The bigger chardonnays can be matched with cheeses or even red meat.
  • At Mayfair Lane, it goes well with the WA seafood platter.