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West Coast Prawns

Series: Our State On A Plate

Story: West Coast Prawns
Episode: 2
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 4th October 2020

WA’s 10,000km of coastline is home to some of the best seafood in the world, and it doesn’t get much better than the delicious prawns caught in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Shark Bay waters.

  • The Shark Bay Prawn Fishery has been operating since 1962, and has been certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, as they only fish for half of the year when the prawns are at their very best quality.
  • Sea Harvest operates 10 fishing boats catching the finest King and Tiger prawns, which are abundant in the area.
  • The Shark Bay environment is perfect for prawns. It is renowned for its large sea grass meadows, which provide food and protection to enable them to grow to huge sizes. The waters are high in salinity, making the prawns sweeter and ‘Seasoned by the Sea’.
  • Once caught, the prawns are snap frozen within minutes to stay fresh. They are then conveyed into the warehouse in Canarvon for processing and shipping.
  • Sea Harvest Shark Bay prawns are extremely versatile – they can be cooked on a BBQ, added to curries or sizzled with garlic.
  • You can recognise the King Prawn by its beautiful blue tail.


  • Take a serrated knife and slice along the underside of the prawn. Open it up, drizzle some melted butter on as well as some seasoning.
  • Pop the prawns flesh side down onto the grill. Once it is well cooked, flip them and cook the other side.
  • Fill a pan with butter and wait for it to melt. Once it is foaming, add some curry leaves.
  • Take your prawns off the grill, add some more seasoning and add your melted butter.

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