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Foni’s Tipples: Riesling

Story: Foni’s Tipples: Riesling
Episode: 4
Presenter: Foni Pollitt
Air Date: 18th October 2020

Riesling is a refreshingly crispy and fruity white wine that is perfect for summer.

  • Riesling’s history in Australia can be traced as far back as the first fleet. The English most likely got it from Germany, which has the most Riesling plantings in the world.
  • Today, Australia comes a close second to Germany. Some of our regions are reaching international standards, like Clare Valley and Eden Valley in South Australia.
  • Riesling loves a cooler climate, no matter if it is high in altitude or close to the coast.
  • When it’s young, it’s all about the fruit expression. You get fruit clusters, like limes and lemons, and floral notes, like orange blossom.
  • Riesling also ages very well. When it’s older, you get wax, lanolin and preserved lemons.
  • In WA, the best Riesling can be found in the Great Southern region.
  • Food matching Riesling is difficult because it can range from bone-dry to semi-sweet.
  • Mayfair Lane Pub and Dining Room have mostly bone-dry Rieslings, which go well with their tuna niçoise salad.