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House of Honey

Story: House of Honey
Episode: 3
Presenter: Stuart Laws
Air Date: 25th April 2021

The House of Honey are nomadic beekeepers taking the hives all over WA to collect gorgeous tasting honey with incredible health benefits.

  • House of Honey produce pure raw honey and it’s gathered from forests and coastlines
  • Their honeys are not blended and are called varietal honeys meaning the name of the honey is the name of the tree and each one has a unique taste. 
  • Their extra special honeys are those with TA ratings such as jarrah, Karri, Redgum and Blackbutt.  These honeys have antimicrobial activities which helps prevent bacteria growing and excellent for health, burns and topical wounds.
  • Mead is a type of wine where honey is the base and not grapes.  The House of Honey produce four styles of Mead and two liqueurs.
  • The House of Honey also have a beauty products range offering a myriad of special organic ingredients to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin.