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Health Tip – Akoya Oysters

Story: Health Tip – Akoya Oysters
Episode: 3
Presenter: Julie Meek
Air Date: 5September 2021

Eating fresh seafood not only gives you that instant sensation of enjoying a fresh oceanbreeze but provides a delicious health boost, all at the same time. Julie reveals the hidden health secrets of oysters!

  • Oysters are the richest natural source of zinc. Zinc is essential for reproductive growth and development.
  • Our daily requirement for zinc is 12mg and 1 dozen oysters contain 79mg.
  • One dozen oysters contain close to 79mg of zinc while the closest non-seafood competitor is liver (100 grams) at 7 mg.
  • One-third of the global population is at risk of zinc deficiency.
  • Oysters are a excellent source of omega-3 fats and protein.
  • Other sources of zinc include seafood, lean meat, and poultry.