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Story: 10 Acre Block

Story: 10 Acre Block
Episode: 4
Presenter: Georgia Moore
Air Date: 12 September 2021

Australia has one of the fastest-growing vegan movements worldwide with over 2.5 million embracing vegetarianism. Georgia Moore visits Australia’s first upmarket plant-based restaurant, located in the heart of our CBD.

  • Named after the 10-acre plots of land that were owned by farmers and growers in rural Perth back in the 60’s and 70’s, Ten Acre Block’s dishes feature a range of different spices, forms and flavours to celebrate the various cultures and backgrounds of the growers that worked the land.
  • Ten Acre Block focuses on local produce and family connections, while conveying the importance of sustainability through a zero-waste philosophy.
  • The team at Ten Acre Block craft unique, out-of-the-box dishes that ensures that even non-vegans can enjoy the delectable nature of local produce.
  • Not only is the menu at Ten Acre Block 100% plant-based, it is also 100% local, with produce from local growers, and vegan wine from the Margaret River and Swan Valley regions.

For more information: visit the website