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Truffle Hill

Story: Truffle Hill
Episode: Episode 1
Presenter: Georgia Moore
Air Date: 17th April 2022

  • Passionate collective of truffle enthusiasts, horticulturists, agriculturists, export specialists and truffière hunt experts who love the mystique of the gourmet delicacy known as the truffle, or tartufo. The black truffle brings magic to a dish, transforming culinary experiences into stories worth sharing.
  • Truffle Hill was the first truffière to be established in Manjimup, Western Australia back in 1997. Dedication, devotion, and sheer hard work has seen Truffle Hill become one of the largest producers of black Périgord truffle in the world.
  • Truffle Hill is one of the few truffières in the world that allows a select number of people to participate in a truffle hunt in the winter months and see for themselves the fascination of how truffles grow, are hunted, and checked for maturity, and then harvested.
  • Products are available at gourmet stockists around WA or at the Truffle Hill location
  • Visit Truffle Hill for your own truffle experience from June to August.

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