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Scott Bridger ‐ Chefs Pick

Story: Scott Bridger ‐ Chefs Pick
Episode: Episode 3
Presenter: Scott Bridger
Air Date: 1st May 2022

  • Hifumiya Noodle House is situated in an alleyway in Perth’s CBD, it's hidden, but like most good things in life, If it's good people will find it.
  • it has character, it's authentic, but most of all it does amazing noodles that you can see get made right behind the counter.
  • Noodles might be simple and with simple food there is no room to hide, the technique of their noodles means a simple noodle and broth can be one of the best things you’ll eat.
  • Hifumiya Noodle House has been here for 4 years now and has gained a solid following from noodle enthusiasts in the west.
  • The owner Daisuke is from a region in Japan that is known for its udon and in particular the Cold Udon dish Bukkake.

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