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Making Polish Bread with Eco Bread

Story: Making Polish Bread with Eco Bread
Episode: 4
Presenter: Julie Meek
Air Date: 30th October 2022

Julie takes a trip to a very special local bakery to take a peek behind the scenes and to see the process behind making the very best Polish bread in Perth!

  • Eco Bread is a homebased micro bakery in Quinns Rocks founded by Marta and Yaneck who, coming to Perth, were looking for the taste of their childhood
  • Based on traditional Polish recipes, their bread is available from 25 local IGA and Farmer Jacks and on weekends you can visit them at Quinns Rocks and watch them in their daily bakery work.
  • The lack of improvers and preservatives in their products means that customers appreciate their product not only for its taste, but also for its well-being after eaten.
  • Their breads were awarded with gold (category: creative scoring and stanciling) and silver (category: German rye) medal of Perth Royal Food Awards in 2019.
  • Bread is a core food and essential for good health - it is an excellent source of carbohydrate, and B vitamins.
  • Their goal is to promote health, which is why they offer customers the best quality products made of ingredients from local farmers.
  • Their bread is perfect for breakfast, lunch to school or to work. You can make croutons of it, and it will go great with any soups or salads.

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