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Wine Appreciation: Hainault Semillon

Story: Wine Appreciation: Hainault Semillon
Episode: 6
Presenter: Cassandra Charlick
Air Date: 13th November 2022

Cass tries a stunning white wine, perfect for those hot summer days.

  • Semillon’s naturally high acidity ensures the wine has freshness and vibrancy in its youth, but it also helps to mature the wines flavours into attractive secondary flavours.
  • Hainault’s Semillon is a little different to most in that the wine sees a little time in Oak to broaden the palate.
  • Nestled in Jarrah Forest on the Darling Scarp at an elevation of 400 m, Hainault is the highest vineyard in Western Australia and is in one of the coldest parts of the State.
  • The 17-acre property was originally selected as Gungin orchard early last century for the growing of stone fruit before being replanted as a vineyard in 1978 by Peter Fimmel, one of the pioneers of the then infant Perth Hills Wine Region.

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